Google - 5 things that set it apart

I was reading an interesting interview of Nikesh Arora, the President of Global Sales Operations and Business Development at Google yesterday. Here are some excerpts that come as revelations on how Google works as a company

  1. Businesses and consumers across the globe who rely on the internet are affected by two things. One, the volume of data being added every day onto the web. Two the frequency at which the data gets updated. Both these are so high that is become impossible to track, trace and retrieve the right data without the right tools. Google's strives continually to keep pace with these two changes affecting the user landscape
  2. Google likes to be described as an information communication and distribution company.
  3. Google, Nikesh says, does not worry about monetizing innovation as the first step. Innovation comes first, consumer wow comes next and post that is when it starts scratching its head on monetizing it.
  4. Google keeps building products as it sees apt to make up for an inefficiency and this leads it to where it needs to go. Google does not have a big strategy that says focus here or focus there.
  5. Not being evil is in the company DNA and Nikesh mentions of times when Google meeting had employees stand up and question if the design and monetization of a product went against the company's stand of "Do no evil"

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