Saturday, February 27, 2010

Techno Tots

My 8 month old kid Avantika has been keeping me on my toes. Partly because of the attention any kid of her age needs and mostly because of the attention that a kid of her generation needs. Her generation kids are born dabbling tech toys. Be it the TV remote, my smartphone, her mom's clam shell phone or any other gadget she can lay her hands on, she knows by now what is used for what purpose. If we enact a mini drama with the TV remote as the mobile phone, she sees through it and loses interest in a jiffy. Her grandparents voice flowing through the mobile speaker interests her only if she has the mobile in her hands. Not if me or my wife hold it a distance for her to only listen.

Laptop for her is the equivalent of a mirror since she sees a wall paper of us both and her ensconced in the center. She knows that tapping the keyboard generates a sound. A favorite time of  pasttime of hers. The Casio music keyboard is another favorite coz each key produces a different note.

Her ultimate choice is the idiot box (TV)  since it keeps providing her unlimited entertainment without her asking for it. She recognises some of the oft repeated daily soap tracks and turns her head when they keep playing.

Today's kids are growing up to be in a totally different league than ours for sure !

1 comment:

Adithya said...

I so totally agree.
My Daughter has more ways to play with our cordlessphone than any one of us has imagined ;)

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