BPOs to be run out of Indian prisons

In a first of its kind anywhere in the world, Cherlapally Prison Authorities in Hyderabad, India are planning a BPO behind bars in association with global IT firm, Radiant Info System Ltd. While some have welcomed this as a move to reform the prisoners and give them a chance to be absorbed back into the mainstream society more easily as they finish their prison sentence, this still comes as a  terrifying proposition for those being serviced by them.

While the world debates on the pros and cons of this move and its ramifications on the society as a whole, the question I ask is "If its BPO today,why not IT tomorrow?" and secondly "In a society where a 40%+ chunk of people still live below poverty line and caste and creed still rule, would this move create fresh convicts who want to get into the jail coz they sense a better opportunity of making money staying in rather than stay out?"

Surely these deserve some thoughts ! Do post your comments