Ecosystem Creation around Amazon Kindle

Amazon has just launched the new $139 priced Wi-Fi enabled Kindle – The e-book that took the world by storm when it was introduced about 2 years back. At Rs. 6489 at prevailing exchange rates, I think this would pave the way for Indians to start vying at owning one. Making a device cheaper is all about enabling mass adoption. It is also about spurring an ecosystem creation. Attaining the tipping point where owning a Kindle will become a necessity rather than a luxury. Imagine what the ecosystem could do with a low priced Kindle

1.       Schools adopting Kindle to replace bulky textbooks that kids lug around

2.       Kindle could become the de-facto way news-paper could be distributed to houses every morning. (Not just newspaper-but newspapers). Even magazines need not be printed anymore. Last month’s Kindle can be exchanged for another Kindle loaded with the latest magazine edition

3.       Kindle can also act as self-help documentation pads required at community centered services like post-office, banks, etc