TCS unveils its “Nano Cloud Computing” for SMBs

TCS today announced the its cloud computing business apps for the Indian SMB sector that is 35 million strong and growing.

The offering covers 3 aspects that stand out

  1. Pre configured apps that cover Business Processes for SMBs
  2. ‘Pay on the go’ model delivered via cloud
  3. Support from 85 cloud service partners distributed across India

Launched as part of iON, Tata Consultancy Services’ strategic unit for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), it currently has apps for Manufacturing, Textiles Education, Retail, Quick Service Restaurants, Wellness and Professional Services.

While the pricing aspects need to be see, the very move of this nature is representative of the innovation that is required to address specific market needs in emerging economies. Bloated infrastructure offerings just do not cut the ice. One time perpetual licenses for software do not sell. What might sell is a combination of infrastructure and software that is hassle free to use and easy on payments. Hope this model soon picks up in other spheres too…

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Bharatesh said…
Yes ...a brave & innovative step. Also, it is good to see Indian IT biggies do their bit for the domestic market. A subscription based software seems answer to lot of SMBs woes to embrace technology.