Social Media analysed from an Indian perspective

In the age where social media defines and is enmeshed in the very fabric of our day to day activities, here's an attempt at throwing light at this whole online revolution from an Indian context. Co-authored by a wonderful colleague of mine, Vijayendra Haryal, I am sure his sharp insights and perspectives on this topic will be well appreciated by a lot of this blog's readers.

Titled "Social Media Simplified : Twitter Facebook-beyond Casual Networking" and Co-authored by an IIT-IIM grad and a PhD student in Marketing from MDI Gurgaon this is the first comprehensive book on Social Media in the Indian context. The book has been listed amongst the Top 10 New book releases by Odyssey

Highlights of the book
  • Analysis of  user preferences’ that have evolved over a period of time with technology causing the paradigm shifts in consumer behavior
  • Gives a perspective on the concept of social media, it’s utility for purposes beyond business and the key aspects of social media strategy
  • Provides specific insights (Do’s, Don’ts) about ‘Social Media Behavior’ on Twitter & Facebook for both personal and business usage
  • Highlights entrepreneurial and job opportunities that have emerged in this field
  • Discusses ways to measure the social media impact
  • Interprets the social media strategy being adopted by 30 brands operational in India across various sectors
Additional Sneak Peeks that I got him to share with me...

·         Sneak Peek I : The authors of the book re-connected after three years via Facebook and embarked on the journey of the book.
·         Sneak Peek II: This book also consists insights on how relationships between boss and subordinate are getting influenced by Social Media .
·         Sneak Peak III : The ' Ways of Working' have changed in different fields like journalism, marketing, recruitment, politics etc. due to Social Media

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Details and preorder is open at : Odyssey and FlipKart 


Bharatesh said…
Hi Vijay thanks for sharing this... a new perspective to make use of what's being said in the social circle (should i say... now the circle is a complex network of social media networking site's). We at Alterian, have a product called SM2 which listens to everything thats being said on the interenet. We also provide analysis of this data and through our experts help clients to derive meaningful insights from it.