Losing out on English too?

It is quite commonly said that the biggest legacy left behind by the British after decades of colonial rule over India is that of the English language. This language has been a key ingredient in India's economic rise to super powerdom. A key ingredient in heralding India's almost unshakable dominance over IT services entering into the 3rd decade now.

However if we were to go by a recent report released by Education First, we may soon be overtaken by the Chinese on the IT front. For the first time, China has been ranked ahead of India in English proficiency for the first time in a decade. Pointing to a change in currents in the school education in both countries this clearly is the result of the Chinese government giving impetus to English teaching in their primary and high schools. As the first of these students start passing out of the universities, the availability of low cost English speaking labor from China en masse will become a reality that will start haunting us. 

Are our education departments doing anything to arrest this trend? 

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