R.I.P Typewriter

I felt a strange tinge of sadness reading the news on Indian Express that mentioned the last typewriter company in the world, Godrej and Boyce is downing the shutters on the production of type-writers

A device synonymous with offices across India right till the turn of the century, the end of the road was always a writing on the wall, given the relentless shadowing by computers. While offices were the first to switch, government bureaucrats and courts to this day persist with them for reasons that I do not understand. 

Finally the last company on the planet that still catered to this dwindling segment has decided to throw the hat in the ring. They have the last 200 pieces up for grabs, if any of you feel that is worth an investment.

Remember the funny YouTube video that portrayed what typewriter users would end up doing !! Ha ha ha...Enjoy it here and wish 'Rest in Peace' to a device that held mankind in good stead till the computers announced their arrival.
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