Government Agencies adopting Social Media

I was pleasantly surprised today morning when I received an email from KSRTC – Karnataka State Road Transportation Corporation stating the ‘non-obvious’. KSRTC has tapped social media to increase awareness and drive business further. ‘Like’ in Facebook, ‘Follow’ in Twitter have started becoming commonplace in government agencies like KSRTC.

KSRTC - Social Media

For me it indicated two things.

1. Winds of change that the Internet 3.0 has brought in have started sweeping the government agencies – the ones perceived to be most resistant to change of any sort, especially if it is for the betterment of public.

2. This is evidence that the old babus in these agencies are being slowly but surely being replaced by younger generation, Gen Y folks who are Internet savvy and are the harbingers of changes that these government agencies need imperatively to survive in the capitalist market driven economy.

Hope the Air India management takes a leaf out of KSRTC’s book to turn around their fortunes !!

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Bit Hawk said…
I am a huge fan of KSRTC guys. They are very inventive - trying out different fleet of buses, for different categories like women, pass holders etc. And as soon as you enter a new year, they promptly increase the ticket fares. A very professional organization. And I heard they even make profits!