Google creating Virtual World akin Second Life?

I was browsing Google Earth. Happened to be hovering over New York. I was reminded of the 3D terrain viewing that was possible through Google Earth. I did so and went around New York's skyscrapers in 3D mode. Man, it was just amazing the way Google has rendered the buildings. It makes you feel as though you are physically present in the City of Sky Scrapers. One advantage though...I can be at Times Square one moment and fly across the landscape through some amazing buildings right over to Liberty island to view the Statue of Liberty in full glory within a span of few seconds.
My mind then raced to see what might be the implications of a 3D rendering of the entire planet. How about Google allowing you the possibility of extending your Google Earth account to create an avatar and roam about this virtual 3D replica of our planet. You can roam across the most inaccessible places of the planet without constraints or inconveniences. No worries about
  1. visas - You can tour US even if you are denied a tourist visa,
  2. hostile governments - North Korea and Cuba are no more mysterious places,
  3. affordability - Holidays in Switzerland can be with all your extended family members,
  4. seasonality - Visit Niagara falls come summer or winter
Google can even allow big and small corporations to advertise in this virtual world. Visitors visiting New York are shown ads on the Times Square digital ad-boards just as in real life. You can travel across the world in real time to witness live events as they happen. Formula 1 racing at Sepang, Malaysia or the Kumbha Mela in India...Nothing is out of reach. The best part. You needn't plan for a trip. No booking of air tickets, No packing, No hotel booking.....Just click and go..... Is Google listening? Second Life people definitely wouldn't like it ...


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