6 Top Google Chrome Apps for Kids

Google Chrome is my personal favorite displacing Firefox since August of last year. While the slick minimalistic interface was a turn on, what really has got me tied down is the Google Chrome WebStore. The apps available for productivity benefits, fun, lifestyle are all great, my strongest recommendation would be the Kids related apps.

I am sure a lot of readers of this blog will have kids/nephews/nieces between 2 and 10 years of age. Google Chrome opens up a whole new world for kids right from the comfort of the browser. I strongly suggest you open up this new world to them.

6 of my favorite (or should I say, my daughter’s favorite’s ) are

Rubbish BooksA kids book site that allows for the pages to be flipped as though in a real book. With 3 characters namely Patrick, Aarty and Kevin being central, each story is told vividly via brightly colored pictures and bold fonts that kids will find it easy to read. 
I read out the sentence in English to my daughter and then translate the sentence to her in a language and context she can relate to to the picture being shown on the page. The best part of all – she loves the page flipping effect that she insists on doing herself using the mouse.

Coloris: A cool coloring site that teaches kids the art of colors as well as the art of handling the mouse.
While the emphasis is not on making clean brush strokes, it is more on assigning a color to each segmented zone in a outlined picture. The app also allows parents or elders to post the colored picture to Facebook or other photo sites.

In the Nick of Rhyme: A cool app that teaches kids the fun in identifying words that rhyme.
A superman like character drops in dramatically and asks a kid what he has lost. The kid mentions an object and suggests it might be on the roof. The superman character then goes to fetch it and discovers that there is no object as mentioned by the kid. He then decides to bring back the object that rhymes with the object the kid mentioned. The app then prompts us to select the rhyming object….
My kid still loves it for the dramatic drop effects of the superman, The rhyming concept is something that will take some time before my 2 year old starts appreciating it.

Kidoz TV: Another cool YouTube powered app that aggregates the best of kid content from across YouTube and provides a safe video streaming session.
An absolute must to keep a kid occupied for several hours.

Kid Mode for Chrome: A favorite of my daughter. This is like the window to a whole lot of kids websites liked up under one common interface. You do not need to bookmark or remember a whole lot of kids websites.
The Kid Mode comes bundled and pre-configured to deliver the best and popular kids games, flash content, puzzles, etc. through its all encompassing interface.

Sesame Street: Sounds around the Town: A noisy app but a delightful one. Kids get to see different noise generating sources like animals, man made objects, etc. passing by the street. Kids get the moving characters to stop and make some noise every time they press on the keyboard.
My daughter loves it so much that her computer session starts and ends with this app