Commercialism piggybacking on Anti Corruption movement?

I was a little perplexed when an odd looking ad jumped at me while browsing the Times of India website. It was a Google ad where an online retailer InkFruit was promoting a brand of T-shirt by latching onto the frenzy generated by the Anti Corruption movement led by Anna Hazare. For a moment I was aghast that somebody could be so brazenly commercial.

InkFruit - JokePal LokPal Bill Tees1

I followed the link and what I found had me divided in opinion. The advertised T-Shirt was a mockery of the Government’s version of the LokPal Bill. On the front the Tee proclaims that it is a “Bad Joke, Pal”. On the rear the Tee actually lists educates the reader on a few highlights of the government’s version of LokPal.

InkFruit - JokePal LokPal Bill Tees

So what is InkFruit upto? Taking part in the social cause in a innovative way or is it a quick money minting scheme. Not everything seems to be black and white. What do you feel?

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Bharatesh said…
.... Make hay while the sun shines !!!