India–A Geek Nation Unfurling

A chance stumbling of an interesting piece of non-fiction from a Indian origin British author Angela Saini got me interested. Titled “Geek Nation – How Indian Science is Taking Over The World”, the book focuses on theme of India on the path to achieving technological supremacy over the next few decades.

The author has meticulously gathered nuggets of information during the course of personal travel across India, meetings with scientists, researchers across the nation that has left her convinced that India is on a fast track to becoming a Geek Nation. She also corroborates her findings with regular reports that we hear - bastions of technology like IT where India is the go-to destination, cutting edge research, top notch educational institutes, the amount of doctors and engineers the country’s colleges churn out each year, the geeky Indian kids who form an essential part of any class in nations like USA and UK

Recommend you to read an interview of the author here conducted by FastCompany

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