Missed alighting at your train station? Let your cellphone help


An interesting service thatI came across from an Indian company Ideophone that allows long distance train travellers to seek a call on their phones to remind them to get off at their stations.

With Indian railways running close to 11,000 trains a day and 7000 exclusively dedicated to passengers, this service might just fulfill an untapped and unsaid need felt by commuters. On long distance trains and overnight journey trains, a lot of passengers need to alight at stations post midnight when the trains halts for brief periods. With uncertain arrival times, setting a local alarm on the cellphone can only help so much.

However the new service named Pyka from Ideophone tries resolving this. The company allows you to send a SMS to its servers mentioning the Train No and the station code you need to alight at. Pyka then calls back your phone 15 minutes prior to the station’s arrival. Pyka bases this timing by constantly checking with Indian railway servers for updated arrival times and makes changes accordingly.

All you need to do, to give this service a try is this

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