4G rollout on the heels of 3G

Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries today announced plans to launch a 4G based highspeed braodband wireless services across the country in 2012.

Now you may be wondering what 4G is all about. We had 2G for a long time, then 3G was promised for a long time and we got it just a few days back and now 4G is already beckoning. While 4G is the evolutionary next step, what it effectively does is make blur the differences between regular phone networks and data packet networks. Here's a mini primer..
  1. 4G will rollout an all IP based hi-speed mobile broadband.
  2. Dedicated line connections between two people conversing will be a thing of the past. Everything will be data packet based.
  3. High speed ultra broadband will be available on a wireless mode to mobiles, tablets and all forms of smart devices.
  4. 3 technologies form the core of 4G backbone: Mobile WiMax, HSPA+ and LTE (Long Term Evolution)
  5. Max speed in 3G networks that has been acheived is 28Mbits/sec for downloads. 4G networks will usher in a 1Gbit/sec speeds and 100Mbits/sec will become a routine.
  6. Since every device in a 4G network has a IP, there will be a seamless handover as the user moves across cells
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