Aadhar UIDAI Project Clearing Myths

Aadhar mass enrollment drive is in full swing at pockets across the country. Associated with it is also a whole set of myths and rumors that are doing the rounds leading to chaos at the enrollment centers. The last I heard from my native in central Karnataka was that of people queuing up at the Aadhar centre (as if there is no tomorrow)  at 2:00 in the afternoon for an enrollment session the next day. Along with it the rationing by the government peon who selects the first 50 and asks the remaining to try the next day. Throw in fist fights, proxy queuing and  abuses and it does not paint a rosy picture.

When I asked why this mad rush, the people told me everything except the facts...Some gathered below are
  1. This will replace the ration card.
  2. After first 2000 people, rest will not be given Aadhar numbers till next year.
  3. You will not be allowed to vote in the election.
  4. Banks will close your savings account if you do not give them Aadhar number.
  5. You can't file taxes with PAN alone; you will need Aadhar.
Everything so far from the truth....

Here below is an attempt at separating the facts from fiction. I have drawn this from the official UIDAI site
Aadhar is …
Aadhar is NOT…
A number (12 digits)
Another card
For every individual, including infants
One per family
Enables identification
For establishing citizenship
Is only for Indians
Collects demographic and biometric data (10 fingerprints and iris scan) to establish uniqueness
Collects profiling information such as case, religion, language
Mandatory / Compulsory
For every resident irrespective of existing documentation
Only for individuals having some identification
One individual à One ID
Individual can obtain multiple IDs
UIDAI will establish a universal identification structure that can be used by banks, passport office, ration card, etc
Going to replace all other IDs
UIDAI will only give a “YES” or “NO” response for any query from banks/passport/etc regarding identification
UIDAI will share all collected information with all public institutions

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