One Nation - One Number - One Rate

Come January and you might be able to

  1. Enjoy same rate calling across the country.....Roaming charges will be dead.
  2. You will be able to retain the same mobile number across the country i.e MNP will be made possible across telecom circles and not just operators withing same circle as is the case now.
  3. Browse and surf the internet at blazing fast speeds.
As per the new draft telecom policy introduced by Union Telecom minister Kapil Sibal, all this should be finalized by December 2011. There are also a few service provider initiatives aimed at market consolidation.

While these would usher in happy times for consumers, it would also mean a mini social revolution.

  • For starters, imagine living with one number you might want to carefully choose when you get your first mobile connection. You need not change it for life !!
  • If that is true, I am sure the next big craze that will catch up is to take in a number that reflects your name, surname, place, etc. Say, my number could be +91-xxxxx-84529 (84529 corresponds to VIJAY on the mobile keypad)
  • A person's verified mobile number might also be accepted identity proof if proper regulations are framed.
  • Mobile payments may be ushered in faster with banks tying in your credit history to your mobile number.
  • Rules might be ushered in by the government making it hard to get more than 1 mobile number assigned to 1 person.
  • How about "Work from Home" or even "Work from Home Town" becoming a reality with flat calling charges and blazing fast internet available?
  • How about Indian Facebook users jumping ship to Google+ just to enjoy the Community Video chat facility that is now possible due to faster internet speeds?
  • Piracy of CDs drops but illegal online sharing of media content rises?

Time will tell what predictions will come true....What more of such things can you think of?

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