Mobile Charging as a Service

Today’s Hindu had a news item that amazed me. The mobile revolution has engulfed everybody in its throes. So much so that even people in the slums of big cities have felt the transforming power of a mobile phone touch them.

However, what they have not been able to get is the access to the power lines to charge their mobiles. Harish Hande, a Magsaysay award winner and solar expert says that he has seen “pay-and-charge-your-mobile” facilities in operation in slums. A full charge up of the mobile costs about Rs. 5. Charging 8 times on a average over a month means, slum dwellers set aside Rs. 40 every month to keep their mobiles operational.

While I salute the person who identified this not so evident need and created a small business around it, we need to seriously contemplate on the state of things where people do not have access to basic stuff of civilized world like power lines.

Source: The Hindu

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