Karnataka CM goes Live

In a first in India, Karnataka CM Mr. Sadananda Gowda has installed cameras at both his office and home workplace which will stream live video to the web viewable from this link.

The facility would be extended to the offices of ministers in a phased manner as many of his Cabinet colleagues had shown interest in adopting the technology to bring in transparency. Presently, people can only watch the video of his offices. The plan is to make audio and video available over smart phones too.

Currently being one way, the initiative intended to promote transparency will only be a live darshan of the politicians. While commendable, this is not going to serve any meaningful purpose. The next versions would have to be to promote live video enabled chats through this system to address citizen concerns. Fixed slots in a week would enable people join the chat from their homes, look at responses posted to other people’s queries, raise questions, get assurances, etc. I would even like to see the BangaloreOne centers across the city to double up as the hotspots from where people without access to the Internet or the ones on the move should be able to join in one of these frequent sessions. Steps like these would redefine transparency.

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