Skype comes with Facebook integration

Arranging for a school reunion can be an uphill task. However with technology, a lot of it has been simplified.

Everyone is on Facebook and getting the message across is quick and simple. Publishing an event on Facebook and creating an event page to generate the necessary conversations and hence the build up to the event is naturally taken care of. Top of mind recall is ensured when members “Like” or “Share” comments. Photo sharing, file sharing are all enabled.

One thing that came up was the request by section of buddies who could not attend in person but nonetheless wanted to interact with the rest of the gang who had gathered at the venue. We decided to go with video chat session to enable this and were pleasantly surprised that Skype, the tool we choose now allows you to integrate with Facebook friends. Perfect complement to our event organization tools on the same site.

Now this should get you back to using Skype if you had shifted briefly to other tools, including Google+ Hangouts.

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