Vote for me - Facebooking Indian Politics

The Facebook effect seems to have rubbed onto our politicians too. UP babus have taken to Facebook campaigning to woo voters to side with them in the upcoming elections.

With elections scheduled in February  2012, Times of India reports on 3 netas who have opened Facebook accounts, published their achievements in their constituencies and are attempting to connect with the netizens to swing results in their favor.

The moot questions that popped in my mind are ,

  1. "Will Election Commission of India govern Facebook campaigning too as it does real life campaigning?"
  2. "Will politicians be asked to stop campaigning 48 hours prior to voting day as in real life?"
  3. "How will Election commission deal with soft bribing of voters via Facebook apps - say by offering virtual money, or some bonus sheep on Farmville?
I think sooner or later this is a direction that EC will have to flex its muscles in.

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