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Top 5 YouTube videos for Pre-schoolers

Being the parent of a pre-schooler, I keep scourging the net far and wide to keep extracting nuggets of videos, games, activities to keep my hyperactive kid busy. YouTube is one such fertile ground that never ceases to surprise me in terms of the rich content of videos it has in store for pre-schoolers. Here’s a listing of the top 5 resources
image TuTiTu - The toys come to life
TuTiTu is a series of videos created by enterprising animation makers. The 3D videos on toys that kids usually have show how a toy comes to life in parts. Trains, helicopters, carousels, jeeps, excavators, phones, elephants all come to life in short 3-5 minute videos. Beautiful animation and keeps kids engaged for hours !!

Rating: image
image Eric Herman Videos

A set of videos created by a Dad for his daughter. Self sung and self animated, this set of have Eric Herman, the guy strumming the guitar and singing simple yet catchy songs for kids between 1-5 years.


image Hoopla Kids

Umpteen videos show up when you type “Kids rhymes” on YouTube. Even when you go shopping, you see 10-15 different mom and shop animation companies trying to sell you their version of kids rhymes. However almost 90% of them do not give the bang for the buck, Either their animation is poor, or the rhymes lack their characteristic tune. Hoopla Kids belongs to a different genre. Their rhymes are well animated and the songs retain the same tunes we are all familiar with. A must try…

image Karadi Rhymes

If your kid needs a change from the humdrum, get him or her to listen to Karadi rhymes sung by Usha Uthup. The rhymes are all fresh from oven and have been lent life through the rich captivating voice of Usha and some really well done animation.

image Hindi Kids Oldies

Hindi oldies from movies of yesteryears have a lot of cute songs for kids. Be it the ever green “Nani teri mor ni ko…”, or the persistent “Dadi amma dadi amma…” or even the cajoling “Chanda mama door ke..” – All of these have been bought back to life and made more consumable for the new generation kids via animation.


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