Top 8 Indian Online Book Stores

Dedicated to all my book-aholic readers....a list of the top 5 Online Book stores in India

  1. Flipkart - - Top of the mind recall store for books. What started off as chiefly a book store has today transformed into selling a lot of other category stuff. However, it still happens to be my first stop shop to lookup the latest books and not to mention the steepest discounts.
  2. uRead - - I love uRead mainly because they have the best real estate utilization of their home page where the maximum number of titles hit you. They also have a real time dynamic Google map integrated app that shows titles being purchased in real-time.
  3. BookAdda - - These folks allow you to create a virtual book shelf that can be shared on Facebook. It displays the books you have purchased/read recently. A cool ego-booster!
  4. Oxford BookStore - - A decent online store that complements their offline physical stores.
  5. Landmark - - Similar to their physical stores, LandMark, the Chennai based store chain sells both books and other stuff  on their online store.
  6. Crossword - - With 83 physical stores, Crossword started in 1992 has run into a bit of trouble in the brick and mortar  format and is downing the shutters in a quite a few cities. However, their online store is elegant an dmakes for a pleasant book search and purchase experience
  7. Rediff Books - - Boasts of 3.5 million titles online with the familiar Rediff look and feel.
  8. Indiatimes Books - - A run of the mill online book store I should say. 

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