Thursday, June 14, 2012

E-Commerce Funding in India

E-Commerce in India has been maturing rapidly. We have witnessed the mushroom like sprouting of startups, an year of brisk business, the entry of the Big Gorilla, Amazon, in the form of and heavy competition via price wars and then a phase of consolidation with some big acquisitions (FlipKart acquiring LetsBuy, SnapDeal acquiring eSportsBuy and HealthKart acquiring MadeInHealth) and some shutter downs (,,, and That led me to wonder what has been the total inflow of funding for these startups and how has the pie been shared. Here are some stats

$181M - FlipKart
$98.5M - Smile Group (,,, and
$52M - SnapDeal
$39M - Myntra
$179.5 - Others

Total investment by venture funds into ecommerce startups in India - $550M

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