Revelations of Higgs Boson Hunter

Rajivalochan Subramaniam is no ordinary guy. He has been a hunter for the elusive Higgs Boson. His revelations on his work, the hardships faced make for an interesting read in the article titled "First-hand look at boson experiment".Part of the team behind the ATLAS  detector that collected data whenever two photos collided, he mentions some mind boggling statistics
  1. If all the data from ATLAS were to be recorded, it would fill up 1,00,000 CDs per second. This would create a stack of CDs 450 ft. high every second, which would extend up to the moon and back twice each year. The data rate is also equivalent to 50 billion telephone calls at the same time.
  2. ATLAS actually only records a fraction of the data (those that may show signs of new physics) and that rate is equivalent to 27 CDs per minute.
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