Leap Motion - Bringing to Life the scene from Minority Report

I came across an amazing next generation computing interface company named Leap Motion. The company has invented a small rectangular piece of computing hardware that generates an invisible fabric of waves in front of a screen. You could then interact with this fabric and your inputs are translated into action on the screen of the computer.

You could zoom, rotate, pinch, cut, slash, play, input commands - all at the gesture of your fingers.

Have a look here

Imagine the possibilities when this launches. Steering wheels on cars can be done away with, students can interact with the blackboard right from their seats in the class room, tablets can get empowered enough to start replacing laptops....

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Dial uz said…
An astonishing break through and which is the master piece of digital era.Amazing Leap Motion. I wish to order now immediately. Thanks Vijay for sharing very nice information.