Monday, June 05, 2006

100 posts that tracked the Pulse of IT in India

The blogger dash board looked rather out of place this morning. It took me just a moment to realize that the oddity about it was the 3 digit number that was being displayed against the number of posts till date on India-IT-Pulse. It showed up as 100.

Wow !! Wasn't that quick? At least for me it was. Took me 4.5 months to reach here. 100 is just another milestone on the way, but what I cherish is the way blogging has transformed me. It has changed me from a jaywalker on the Information Superhighway into a person who picks up the each odd looking stuff along the way, analyses it and presents it in the most delectable manner to my readers. Readers have been my cheer leaders all along. Each appreciative comment and e-mail has been savored. Criticism, though inconspicuous has helped me look at things from different perspectives. Hope you have all enjoyed the ride so far, as much as I have. A big thanks to all readers of India - IT Pulse for their contribution.

Keep coming back for I plan to introduce many new features that would improve the interactivity of the site. The India IT Quiz, the poll feature and IT News feature are all steps in this direction. I also invite upon readers to bring to my notice stuff on the Net that you would like to see on India - IT Pulse.

Keep Reading...Keep Tracking...Keep yourself abreast of the Pulse of IT in India.



Bit Hawk said...

Good job Vijay!
Keep the good work going and may I see the 5 digit on your blog count (I am selfish, I want to know more things and live long as well :))

Rajit said...

Good job indeed! All the best for your future ventures......

sunil said...

Congrats VJ on the century..

For aspiring bloggers, could you share your mode of operation on collecting the news? How do you keep track with the news?
Congrats again..


Vijay said...

A thanks to you all.

Sunil: Regarding my mode of operation, I would need an entire blog to let you know of it. The sanest advice I can give at the spur of the moment is "".s The more wide reading you do, the more rich in content your writings would be, whatever the subject your write on, be it humor laced articles, personal opinions or domain specific ones. As for some tips on effective blogging, I have more or less followed the tips mentioned here, most of it quite instinctively, without even being aware of it.

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