Next Generation Mobile Services in India

Happened to receive a mail from the India Internet Survey group which was conducting a survey on mobile users and their habits. Participated out of interest to see what direction the survey points at. happy that I did since it gave me an insight into the probable technological innovations in the pipeline that Indian cellular companies are planning to introduce in the coming 6-12 months in India as part of their services upgradation. Some of the services really amazed me for the sheer innovation. I have star marked them.

  • Watching full-length movies or music videos
  • Playing gamesWi-Fi for data connection
  • Videoconferencing with one other mobile phone/smart phone user
  • Sharing photos to a web page from your camera phone
  • Using walkie-talkie (or push-to-talk)
  • Skype
  • Using GPS/location-based services
  • Sharing video you broadcast from your phone live with your IM buddies/groups in your contacts
  • Filming high-quality video for playback on TV
  • Allowing your child to watch a TV show on your phone while you wait **
  • Watching 1- or 2-hour videos on your phone
  • Using Wi-Fi to make VoIP calls**
  • Watching broadcast Video DVB-H**
  • Sending pictures and video using text messaging
  • Blogging
  • Watching live television**
  • Watching 2- or 3-minute video clips on your phone
  • Listening to music
  • Storing personal or work files**
  • Taking high-quality (film- or print-quality) photos

Talk of being connected to the network. With mobiles growing to be more than mere PDAs, it is a matter of time before we see desktop totally wiped out and laptops being pushed to the fringes of existence. Technologies like screen and keyboard projections will make the mobile the uber-device.

Companies like Google will be eager to make the 'Network as the computer' and pull the rug from under Microsoft's feet that reigned supreme in the era where the 'Desktop was the computer'. As the Matrix movies portray, it wouldn't be long before we can claim, "Always plugged into the Network".

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