Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blogspot Blocking in Major Cities Only?

Following my earlier post that brought up the issue of blogspot blogs being blocked by Indian ISPs, there has been a hulla baloo across the Indian blogosphere about the indiscriminate blocking and the non-explanation being given by the government. One source however does mention that this might have been prompted following the discovery that the Mumbai serial blasts terrorist suspects used blogspot blogs to communicate with their group.

This has prompted Western bloggers to take up the cause with Boing Boing posting an extensive article on the same. Mercury News, TechMeme and Rediff too have brought the news into the open domain.

Some of the bloggers have even kicked off a wiki site that allows you to report if your ISP has blocked the blogspot blogs. Amit has come out with another detailed post that has FAQs on the whole issue.

At the time of this post being published, I did not face any problem accessing the India-IT-Pulse blog via my ISP, Tata Indicom. The Wiki mentioned above however lists Tata Indicom as the first ISP that has blocked access. I tried the same with BSNL dial up and that too allowed me access without problems. My place is a sleepy town about 250 kms from Bangalore. This has lead me to suspect if the drive to block blogspot blogs is taking effect in major cities first or maybe only the major cities?. Only time can tell.

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Rose DesRochers said...

Despite India stating that they do not wish to be seen as censoring it certainly sounds like internet censorship to me.

Anonymous said...

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Satya said...

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Depeeka said...

I think nothing can block blogspot in any city.
Why anyone want to block?

Monica said...

I don't beleive. I think its just a story.

Uzair said...

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getmesomejuice said...

and why are they blocking it??? calling the IT network support team... what's wrong?

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