Indian Web Startups Quiz - How well do you know them?

Well, Quiz time again...After the overwhelming response to my first IT quiz, I was inspired to come out with quizzes that make it fun to follow IT news. This one's on Indian IT and ITES service based startups that have been making waves not just in the country but also across the world. See how well you keep tabs on the Indian IT Pulse...
  1. Which online Indian startup focusing on the travel and hospitality industry, has the tag line "Great Deals. Always".
  2. Which 2 Indian startups are giving Google News India a run for the money in the area of news aggregation?
  3. What is the common area of interest between the Indian Startups HumDigg, IndiaVote, IndianPad, PutVote and IndiaGram?
  4. Which Indian company has a offline search software - one that allows you to search the Web even when you are not connected to the Internet?
  5. An Indian startup took the world of Internet search by storm when it was launched in March 2006. The startup offered a search for visual information by actually matching your key search terms to traits of million of photos on the Web. What company am I referring to?
  6. Which Indian telecom company took to providing live 2006 Wimbledon coverage for mobile phone users in India?
  7. Which Indian startup is on the verge of releasing an Open Source Web Conference tool that allows people to host and walk though their presentations online to a distributed audience?
  8. Which Chennai based Telecom company released a low cost wireless broadband system named Cordect in Nov 2005 that is expected hasten Internet connectivity in rural India?
  9. Presumably the first Indian startup to offer photo sharing, printing and delivery of photos across India. Which company am I referring to?
  10. What Indian startup has an Uncle Sam imitating Indian asking "What do you have to say today?" on its home page?
  11. With what Indian online company do you associate this smiling face? [Hint : The company CEO received extortion threats recently]
  12. Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman, both alumni of Stanford University set up a new search engine that rocked the online community, with some even terming it as the next Google. What search engine is being referred to here?
Answers on 30th of August, 2006
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